When it comes to education in Turkey, Istanbul is the place. Some of the most reputable institutions operate in Istanbul. Our trainers are experienced teachers at the local schools. They know what it takes to be an English teacher. The school is accommodated in a modern building providing all conveniences to TEFL students to make their learning process a rewarding experience.


Turkey is a beautiful country with dream-come-true beaches, stunning mountain views, and picturesque lakes. Its people are famous for being very friendly and hospitable. Turkey is on the must-see list of many travelers. Teaching English in Turkey is certainly attractive. Teachers have the opportunity to explore ancient, historical mosques, discover bargains at huge bazaar markets, and enjoy delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. And they can visit nearby countries at a bargain due to their proximity to Turkey.

The city connecting two continents

Teaching Opportunities

English teachers are in big demand in Turkey, and this demand is ever increasing. As the cost of living is rather low, and teachers make a good salary, they can expect a comfortable life style.

International Private School Jobs in Turkey

International schools in Turkey offer excellent salary and benefits packages for certified, experienced teachers. You can find teaching jobs in Turkey from kindergarten to high school. Occasionally, teacher-support staff (guidance counselor, learning support) and administrative roles (principals, vice-principals, dean of faculty) are hired.

International Private School Teaching Salary and Benefits

Qualified teachers in Turkey earn approximately $1,200-$2,500 per month. Combined with a comprehensive benefits package and considering the low cost of living, this salary allows qualified teachers to enjoy a high standard of living in Turkey. Most schools in Turkey require TEFL/TESOL certification and previous experience.

EFL Teaching Positions

With an ever-growing amount of EFL jobs, Turkey is a great spot to teach English. Available positions range from teaching young learners to adults in private language lessons, group sessions, weekend classes, and conversation lessons.

EFL Teaching Salary and Benefits

EFL teachers in Turkey can expect to earn $1,000-1,800 per month, depending on qualifications and experience. TEFL/TESL certification and previous EFL-teaching experience are strongly preferred. Schools want professionals in the field.

Vacations in Turkey

Summer vacation for EFL teachers starts from mid-June until mid-August. During the school year, schools close for two weeks in February, and they don’t operate on all national and religious holidays. There are many other options to keep yourself busy during the summer and one of them is to join summer camps organized by the local schools.


Istanbul, with its natural beauty, its long history, and its beautiful, architectural sights is a city that has attracted local and international tourists for ages. Here are five great things to do in Istanbul.

Once the biggest cathedral in the world for hundreds of years, the Hagia Sophia is considered the magnum opus of Byzantine architecture. Some say the building is symbolic of the eclectic history of Istanbul itself, with beautiful Christian mosaics alongside brilliant Islamic calligraphy.


Located a little more than a mile west of Sultanahmet, the Grand Bazaar is one of the biggest and oldest indoor shopping markets in the world.


Taksim is a vibrant, modern neighborhood located in the European part of Istanbul. Scores of restaurants and bars are populated with travelers, as well as popular hotels.


While the Taksim area draws the vast majority of partygoers, the small neighborhood of Ortakoy happily enjoys its less popular status. Its isolated position translates to a more Turkish crowd with few tourists.

ortakoy night

The Süleymaniye Hamam is a historic Turkish bath located near the Suleymaniye mosque. It caters primarily to tourists and has a reputation for being clean and non-sketchy (which is a legitimate concern at some of the baths in Istanbul). 



Istanbul is located between two continents, and the city is divided by Bosporus Strait which lets air streams from Balkans, Siberia and Marmara (south). The city enjoys four seasons. In spring, temperatures average approximately 20º C, but nights are colder around 15º C. Tulip blossom time is around mid-April which is an indicator for spring. Rains are common.
Generally starting in July, the weather is hot and humid. It’s vacation season. Light layers of clothing are perfect for this time of year. In July and August, day temperatures climb to over 30º C.
In September and October, you can still enjoy good weather most of the days. Cloudy days or light rains are common and maybe you may need a jacket for nights. In early November, the temperatures start to fall significantly but it’s too early for storms or snow. From December till March, temperatures are around 0-10º C. Although it’s not common for Istanbul, get prepared for -5 ºC on some days. Snow and strong winds negatively affect city transportation, especially ferries. People prefer shopping the malls or in covered areas during this season, except on New Year’s Eve. The street parties let them forget the cold weather.


Bosporus Tour
Whirling Dervish Night
Turkish night (dinner and performance)
Dinner by the Golden Horn
Day trip to Şile (Black sea coastal resort)
Picnic in Belgrade Forest
The events are not included in the course fees. They are optional and require a minimum number of participants in order to take place.